Sophie Robinson


that is how a dog goes  that is how a dog goes
boom in the night that is how a dog slides
sideways that is how a dog lies down
in the grass and loafes and dies like the bad
dead dog it really is inside its orgied guts
& this is how we do it: in out in out
this is how we move inside the dogspace
this is how we are inside the dog I am the
dog head with my head in the dog
you are the dog end with your end inside the dog
we are a pantomime dog & this is how we do it:
left right left right that is how we walk
like the sick dogs we are that is how we fuck ourselves
inside out and our fur turns to mush this is how
we love ourselves with suffering this is how
we think of something to make us cry on purpose
this is how we be brave and glass over like a
sad dog’s eyes this is how we eat our own shit
and sing with a mouthful all night long:

this is how we know ourselves & this is how
we hate each other this is how we sound
when we speak each others’ language & how
your pussy tastes on a hard day’s night I like
to suffer it’s good for us & makes us wet with pride
or raw with longing pulling at the leash – I might
die I might lie down and die you can dog me in
the park and I won’t let it lie – I’d screw you
five thousand times and still be happy in my
mummy skin in my daggy dogskin in my foxfur
mangy woof woof jacket.  My skin is my life
jacket my skin has a hole in it my hole is round
and red my hole is my dog’s head I will die forever
in my sick dog head I will LOL forever in my
total bowl of meat I will LOL with my hole wide
open I will LOL all night to the tune of my howl
o I will place you in my snout and sing you all over
I will raw myself all up and down inside you lover forever

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2 thoughts on “Sophie Robinson

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  2. […] very necessary. Each morning began with Eileen presenting a poem or group of poems like this one by Sophie Robinson, that she found interesting along with some kind of technique in the work that was to be a part of […]

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